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Welcome to The Vera Projects, Pablo and Melissa spend most of my time making fresh DIY videos.

We like cool stuff, and we try to make cool stuff. When we make a video, we want you to be apart of it, so we show you all of the steps. The mistakes, changes, failures, and success are all part of my journey, so we show it to make yours Smooth.

Type of videos we make
– Furniture and Home Decor
– Woodworking and shop projects
– Limited tools (for woodworking beginners)
– Tool Reviews
– Crafts
– Product Reviews

You can watch my videos without subscribing, but being notified first is what makes this experience special. Occasionally, we make plans for the stuff we make, sometimes they’re free, and sometimes we ask for your support.

NOTE:: Please do not ask for permission to share my videos on Facebook or any platform you are more than welcome to share the videos.